Fulcrum Coppia di Ruote Racing 6 DB 2WF-R C20
Fulcrum - Coppia di Ruote Racing 6 DB 2WF-R C20

Fulcrum Coppia di Ruote Racing 6 DB 2WF-R C20
Anno acquisto: 2021
€ 309,00

Coppia di Ruote Fulcrum Racing 6 DB 2WF-R C20
The Fulcrum Racing 6 DB is the entry-level model of the Racing DB family combines performance and reliability with an affordable price. The flat 24mm aluminum rims with an internal dimension of 20mm and the 2-WayFit Ready System make the wheels very versatile, whether training or road riding with a gravel bike.
Wheelset with character: the Racing 6 DB by Fulcrum
The technical specifications of the Racing 6 DB ensure that they excel in different situations, climbing as well as windy conditions, and they can also fit wider tyres, clincher or tubeless (tubeless tape installed and valves included).

Product features
Use: Road
Model: Racing 6 DB
Wheel size: 28″
Rim height: 24mm
Rim width: 25mm
Inner width: 20mm
Rim type: Clincher
Tubeless system: Yes
Brake Type: Disc Brake
Disc brake standard: AFS (Center-Lock) Disc
Over Locknut front: 12 x 100mm thru axle
Over Locknut rear: 12 x 142mm thru axle
Bearings: Industrial bearings
Spokes: front 24 / rear 24
Weight limit: 120kg (rider, bike, equipment and luggage)

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